Mesmerizing Handmade Gourd Lamp


 A beautiful Lamp is normally the final accessory that ties a room together. 

Versatile and attractive, the gourd lamp will enhance any style decor.

Not just a pretty face, the gourd lamp may be able to bring a bit of good luck into your life (if you are a follower of feng shui).  Feng shui believes that a gourd will bring  long life and good luck into the lives of those who live in the house.

In ancient times, gourds were often hollowed out and used to store water or wine. Buddhists would fill this gourd and leave it as an offering for the Gods, believing that the contents offered longevity and health.

Fast forward to modern times where various gourd shapes have been turned into lamp bases, available in every color imaginable.  You can choose from triple gourd, double gourd or single gourd styles.

The Measurements of this lamp are as follows

  • Height 20CM
  • Width  60CM

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